TUF 18

The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate

Aired: August 2013

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General Information:

The series was officially announced by the UFC in March 2013 with the revelation that for the first time women will serve as coaches and the contestants will be both male and female. Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey was selected to coach against the winner of the Miesha Tate and Cat Zingano bout on the The Ultimate Fighter 17 finale in April 2013. Zingano won the fight, but a few weeks prior to filming was removed from the coaching position due to an injury and replaced by Tate.


Rousey 200x300 The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate (TUF: 18)


Team Rousey:
Ronda Rousey (Head Coach)
Andy Dermenjian
Manny Gamburyan
Marina Shafir
Edmond Tarverdyan



Tate 199x300 The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate (TUF: 18)


Team Tate:
Miesha Tate (Head Coach)
Thonglor “Master Thong” Armatsena
Jack Anderson (Wrestling Coach)
Bryan Caraway (Jiu Jitsu Coach)
Shaine Jaime
Eric Triliegi (Nutritionist)




Team Tate:
Male: Cody Bollinger, Chris Holdsworth, Josh Hill and Tim Gorman.
Female: Julianna Pena, Sarah Moras, Raquel Pennington and Roxanne Modafferi.

Team Rousey:
Male: Chris Beal, David Grant, Anthony Gutierrez and Michael Wooten.
Female: Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, Peggy Morgan and Jessica Rakoczy.

Fighters eliminated:
Male: David Grant, Emil Hartsner, Lee Sandmeier, Sirwan Kakai, Patrick Holohan, Louis Fisette, Matt Munsey and Rafael de Freitas.
Female: Laura Howarth, Revelina Berto, Bethany Marshall, Valerie Letourneau, Tonya Evinger, Colleen Schneider, Gina Mazany and Sarah Moras


Episode Breakdown:

Episode 1 “History in the making” (September 4th, 2013):

The first episode saw Ronda Rousey surprised as Miesha Tate enters the UFC gym and says she is here to coach. Rousey was clearly annoyed as to why Tate was there and Tate offered no explanation instead saying that Rousey was best speaking to the UFC President, Dana White.  White then informed Rousey that Cat Zingano had an ACL injury and that she was undergoing surgery so Tate had steeped up to become the other coach on TUF 18. Rousey then says that she is relieved as she thought she was being replaced by Tate.

The thirty two fighters enter the gym and the elimination rounds are carried out.

Elimination Rounds:
Female: Jessamyn Duke defated Laura Howarth via submission (triangle) in the first round.
Male: David Grant defeated Danny Martinez via submission (arm-bar) in the second round.
Grant overcame a point deduction for illegal blows to win the fight.
Female: Jessica Rakoczy defeated Revelina Berto via submission (arm-bar).
Rakoczy was a former boxer and has played baseball professionally, Tate described her as an “athlete”
Male: Michael Wooten defeated Emil Hartsner via decision.
White said that Wooten was voted the number one prospect in the UK in 2012. The UFC President is talking about the biannual vote held by The Fight Lounge which sees a number of people within UK MMA journalism vote for the number one prospect. After the fight between Michael Wooten and Emil Hartsner, UFC President Dana White commented in the match saying that “it sucked.”
Female: Peggy Morgan defeated Bethany Marshall via TKO.
Coach Miesha Tate called Morgan the biggest 135-pounder that she’s ever seen.
Male: Chris Holdsworth defeated Louis Fisette via submission (arm-triangle choke) in the first round.
Female: Roxanne Modafferi defeated Valerie Letourneau via submission (rear-naked choke).
Male: Tim Gorman defeated Lee Sandmeier via TKO.
Female: Raquel Pennington defeated Tonya Evinger via submission (guillotine).
Male: Chris Beal defeated Sirwan Kakai via decision.
Beal left an impression on the coaches and UFC president Dana White.
Male: Josh Hill defeated Patrick Holohan via decision.
Female: Shayna Baszler defeated Colleen Schneider via submission (arm-bar).
Female: Julianna Pena defeated Gina Mazany via TKO.
White scored the rounds 10-7 for Pena.
Male: Anthony Gutierrez defeated Matt Munsey via decision.
Female: Sarah Moras defeated Tara LaRosa via decision.
Male: Cody Bollinger defeated Rafael de Freitas via TKO.

White explains that the fans will be voting for the Fight of the Season, Submission of the Season and Knockout of the Season all of which are for $25,000.

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey won the coin toss and opted to pick the first fight, allowing Miesha Tate to choose the first fighter.  The team selections began with the female fighters.

Female Fighters:

Coach First Pick Second Pick Third Pick Fourth Pick
Miesha Tate Julianna Pena Sarah Moras Raquel Pennington Roxanne Modafferi
Ronda Rousey Shayna Baszler Jessamyn Duke Peggy Morgan Jessica Rakoczy


Male Fighters:

Coach First Pick Second Pick Third Pick Fourth Pick
Miesha Tate Cody Bollinger Chris Holdsworth Josh Hill Tim Gorman
Ronda Rousey Chris Beal David Grant Anthony Gutierrez Michael Wooten

White then asked Rousey to make the first fight pick for the TUF 18 tournament, she could pick either a male or female bout.

Rousey discussed with her coaches and decided that the first quarter final fight would be between Team Tate’s number one pick Julianna Pena and Rousey’s first choice Shayna Baszler.
Female Quarter Final 1: Julianna Pena vs. Shayna Baszler


Episode 2 “Ladies first” (September 11th, 2013):

Within minutes of the fighters reaching the TUF house there is a mad dash as people run to the rooms top secure where they will be sleeping.

The women then decide to relax in the hot tub and Team Tate’s Chris Holdsworth admires the situation and debates the possibility of sexual relationships as the season progresses.

The women state how seriously they are taking the competition and nothing will interfere with that. The women also explain that they woukld be insulted if the men went easier on them just because they were the opposite sex.

UFC President Dana White arrives at the gym and is accompanied by a doctor who holds the results of Gorman’s MRI test. It’s bad news, as the doctor reveals a tear to Gorman’s hamstring. Gorman is crushed by the news and White pulls him from the competition. Gorman’s replacement on Team Tate is Canadian Louis Fisette, who was submitted by Holdsworth in the elimination round after a highly entertaining battle.

Julianna Peña 200x300 The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate (TUF: 18)Female Quarter Final 1: Julianna Pena vs. Shayna Baszler
Julianna Peña def. Shayna Baszler via submission (rear-naked choke) in round two.

After Rousey went after Tate’s top female pick in week one, Tate decides to flip the script by selecting the champion’s top pick.

The matchup will see Team Tate’s No. 2 pick Holdsworth go up against Team Rousey’s top selection Chris Beal, who earlier in the episode had complained about an injured hand.

An enraged Rousey reacts, saying, “She specifically picked Chris because they know he has a hurt hand. It’s some p—y ass bulls—. Chris is going to beat him with one f—ing hand, I know it.”

The episode closes with both teams leaving the gym and as Rousey walks by Tate, she angrily whispers, “Just so you know, you smiling at my girl’s pain today is one more reason I’m going to f—ing destroy you again.”

Male Quarter Final 1: Chris Holdsworth vs. Chris Beal


Episode 3 “Stick and Move” (September 18th, 2013):

This episode sees tensions rising between the head coaches and the members of Team Tate.

Team Tate member Chris Bollinger informs head coach Miesha Tate that someone has leaked Team Tate’s match-ups to the opposition and believes that the culprit is Juliana Pena. Bollinger then confronts Pena on the way back to the house and accuses her of telling Team Rousey their potential women’s match-ups. Pena denies it and points the finger at Roxanne Modafferi as she shares a room with members of Team Rousey but Team Tate defends Modafferi.

Later Team Rousey’s Jessamyn Duke jokes with Team Tate’s Raquel Pennington saying that she has got access to the “secret list” of women’s match-ups. Duke then says that Team Tate’s Bollinger overheard her jesting about knowing the match-ups and used it as an excuse to blame Pena. Duke explained that Bollinger is becoming irritated with how Pena is acting in the house.

Both teams are treated to some time out of the TUF house with their coaching team and are provided with a private suite at the Red Rock Casino top watch a live UFC event. It is not long before tensions mount between Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. Rousey goes to the bar for a drink and stands to close to Tate’s trainer and boyfriend Bryan Caraway. Rousey then brings up Caraway’s tweet regarding how he wanted to knock her teeth down her throat, which Caraway had already apologised for when the incident happened.  Tate then retaliates with a comment regarding Rousey’s stand-up ability by saying that Rosuey doesn’t know how to “hit the pads”. Rousey’s trainer Edmond Tarverdyan does not take Tate’s remark well and criticises both Tate and Caraway’s abilities.

Holdsworth 300x195 The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate (TUF: 18)Male Quarter Final 1: Chris Holdsworth vs. Chris Beal
Chris Holdsworth defeated Chris Beal via submission (guillotine) in round one.

Team Tate maintains control of the fight selection and gets to choose the opponents for the next women’s quarter final bout. Tate decides that Team Tate’s number four pick Roxanne Modafferi will take on Team Rousey’s fourth pick Jessica Rakoczy.

Female Quarter Final 2: Roxanne Modafferi vs. Jessica Rakocz


Episode 4 “Use the Force” (September 25th, 2013):

Ronda Rousey discusses how Miesha Tate and her team are so predictable having gone for yet another one of her team who are injured in the next match-up.

UFC veteran Dennis “Superman” Hallman is a guest coach for Team Tate and an argument quickly occurs between Team Rousey’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan and Hallman. Rosuey attempts to calm Tarverdyan down so he dioesnt get kicked off the show.  Rousey then turns her attention to Hallman saying that he should stop trying to cause trouble. The coaches then all start arguing once more and it is up to UFC President, Dana White, to step in and calm the whole situation down.

During the Tate training session Raquel Pennington said that she wanted to train with the men rather than the women which resulted in Tate partnering males and females together for the sparring session.

We get to know more about some of the housemates, specifically how Rakocz is seen as the mother figure as she cooks, cleans and looks after the housemates. All the housemates see Modafferi as a kind and caring perason and in this episode we see her teaching Bazler Jaepnese.

Jessica Rakoczy 218x300 The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate (TUF: 18)Female Quarter Final 1: Roxanne Modafferi vs. Jessica Rakocz
Jessica Rakocz defeated Roxanne Modafferi via TKO (strikes) in round two.

This is the first win for Team Rousey and means that they are now in control for the next fight. Rousey decides that her number two Davey Grant will face Tate’s injury replacement Louis Fisette.

Male Quarter Final 2: Davey Grant vs. Louis Fisette


Episode 5 “Redemption” (October 2nd, 2013):

The episode starts with Jessica Rakoczy cleaning up Roxanne Modafferi’s nose which she busted up in their fight last week. Jessica explains that a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders by winning the preliminary fight.

Later Roxanne is seen lying on the ground outside crying obviously trying to hide from the cameras. She soon starts laughing and smiling once again.

At the TUF house we see roommates and this week’s opponents David Grant and Louis Fisette saying how the fight will not affect their friendship.

Team Tate’s Raquel Pennington discusses life as a gay athlete and the difficulties it entails.

David Grant talks about his own family and how he is feeling homesick. Grant credits his children for making him a better fighter. Grant also says that if he wins the tournament he will spend some of the money on a marrying his boy’s mother.

Rousey talks about Grants’s technique and abilities as a fighter. She is impressed with his ability to defeat his opponent in a number of different ways. She explains that he uses his striking to wear people down and then exploits opening son the ground.

Back at the TUF house a number of the fighters are playing “Truth or Dare”. Josh Hill is dared to go and use a cheesy chat up line on Roxanne which he does. Anthony Gutierrez is then asked who he thinks is the weakest link in the house and he quickly responds with Louis Fisette.

Louis Fisette discusses how he started in MMA and that it was a friend who took him along to a local gym and he got addicted to it. Fisette also talks about how he still leaves at home with his parents. Fisette also admits that he is the underdog and that the majority of the house believes that he is going to lose against David Grant.

During the Team Rousey training session Dr. Ann Maria Rousey DeMars, Ronda Rousey’s mum, to come watch practice. DeMars watches the fighters for a short period before telling them all to pick it up.  DeMars explains that bumps and bruises go hand in hand with training and they should not take it easy just because of injury as you can work on another aspect of your training.

David Grant 167x300 The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate (TUF: 18)Team Tate sneak into Team Rousey’s locker room and leave a coupon for coach Edmond for a free eye brow waxing which is attached to a figurine of Sesame Street’s The Count. Shayna Baszler finds it first and she and the rest of her teammates don’t really appreciate the joke whilst Ronda Rousey is less than impressed.

Men’s Quarter-Final 2: David Grant vs. Louis Fisette
David Grant defeated Louis Fisette via submission (rear-naked choke) in round two.

Control remains with Team Rousey and she choices Jessamyn Duke to go up against Raquel Pennington.

Women’s Quarter-Final 3: Jessamyn Duke vs. Raquel Pennington.


Episode 6 “Little Princesses” (October 9th, 2013):

This episode begins with the two women, Jessamyn Duke and Raquel Pennington, discussing their upcoming fight. The two had previously been matched to fight earlier in their careers but the fight never came to fruition.

At the TUF house, Sarah Moras and Raquel Pennington allow Julianna Pena to give them a makeover. When it comes to walking up and down in a catwalk style the two girls, Sarah and Raquel, clearly feel uncomfortable.

In the Team Tate training session Raquel is working on the pads and concentrating on her elbows and clinching. Team Tate has recognised that Jessamyn utilises a clinch-heavy game and so they are trying to teach Raquel how to counter the attacks. Tate brings in two time Muay Thai world champion and Hall of Famer Melchor Menor to coach Pennington with her anti-clinch game. Miesha also calls Raquel, “the strongest woman in the house,” she worries about her pacing and thinks she’s a slow starter.

The TUF contestants are treated to a trip to the Green Valley Ranch Resort to watch UFC fights. The fighters relax and enjoy the food that has been provided. Jessamyn however, stays behind to prepare herself for her upcoming fight.

Everyone returns from the field trip to the TUF house. Anthony Gutierrez appears to be intoxicated and begins to get very loud and disturbers the girls who are trying to sleep. Raquel into happy after Anthony climbs into her bed and vows to get her own back. In the morning a number of the girls go into Anthony’s room and wake him up by shouting and jumping on his bed.

Raquel Pennington1 200x300 The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate (TUF: 18)Women’s Quarter-Final 3: Jessamyn Duke vs. Raquel Pennington
Raquel Pennington defeated Jessamyn Duke via unanimous decision in three rounds.

After the fight Tate attempts to shake Rousey’s hand but Rousey instead gives Tate the middle finger.

The fighters, coaches and UFC President Dana White are expressed how intense and close the fight was between the two women.

Team Tate has control of the selection for the next fight once again and choose Englishman Michael Wooten to go up against the Josh Hill.

Men’s Quarter-Final 3: Michael Wooten vs. Josh Hill


Episode 7 “Zone In” (October 16th, 2013):

Tournament Bracket:

The picture below outlines the tournament bracket for The Ultimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, click on the picture to enlarge.

Women’s Bantamweight:


Men’s Bantamweight: