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This February sees Made4TheCage return for its biggest show in its history as a promotion. The event is full of top matchups and one of them is a bantamweight clash between Carl Fawcett and UFC veteran Leigh Remedios. One half of this fight, Carl Fawcett, popped into The Fight Lounge for a chat.

A resident of the North East, Carl Fawcett (5-4-0) will be entering what is the biggest fight of his career and is really looking forward to the challenge.

“I can’t wait! I’m feeling good, fit and strong and can’t wait to put on a show at Made4TheCage. This is my second fight at bantamweight and I feel a lot better at the weight class and feel it is the best weight class for me.”

His opponent is one of the country’s most well-travelled fighters and there is a wealth of information about him available so we wondered just what Fawcett knew of him.

“I know that he is excellent on the ground, a really good grappler. He is a really tough guy that has fought all over the world on some of the world’s best promotions, including the UFC. I really respect him a lot!”

He continued on to tell us about what advantages he feels he has in the fight. “That’s said however I think he may underestimate my skills on the ground. In general I’m not too bothered about what he brings into the fight all I know is that I will be ready and come fight night I think there is some aspects of his game that I could exploit.”

Fighters put themselves through hell to prepare for their fights and Fawcett has done exactly the same. He told us, “Training is going really good! I have kept my training pretty similar to previous camps but I have improved in all aspect of the game and I’m feeling fit and ready!”

As he mentioned earlier this is only going too bee his second fight at 135lbs so we were wondering just how he is finding the cut.

“It is not too bad to be honest. Over The festive period I was strict on myself and didn’t eat anything too unhealthy so when the New Year arrived I was in a good position to start my camp and diet. I have also go my diet down to a tee now so I’m right on target for where I want to be for this cut!”

Obviously it wouldn’t be a pre-fight interview if we did not ask for a prediction on the fight and we were sure to ask Carl for one.

“I don’t know by what method but I definitely see myself coming away with the win. It will be a good fight for people to watch though! Come fight night I will touch Leigh’s glove and then go to war with him and the best man will leave victorious!”

Sounds like a fight not to be missed! Should Fawcett’s prediction of a win come true we wondered what he would like to see happen in the rest of 2013.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t think that far ahead. I only allow myself to focus on what’s in front of me as I don’t want to get carried away and lose focus on my opponents. I focus on the present, not the future!”

Before we let him go we gave him the chance to give thanks and shout outs to whomever he liked.

“I’d like to thank my friends, family, my girlfriend and my children Lacey and Curtis. I’d like to thank Terry Fahey of The Lodge Fight Club, Alex Enlund of Sixth Sense MMA, the guys at The Fight Pit and everyone who I have trained with or has helped me out along the way! Finally I’d just like to say I’m currently looking for sponsors so if anyone would like to sponsor me I’d be incredibly grateful!”

To see Carl in action be sure to get down to Made4TheCage 9: Night of Champions which takes place 16th February from the Rainton Meadows Arena in Houghton-le-Spring.

For more on Made4TheCage be sure to check out The Fight Lounge for all the latest news as it happens.

By Nathan Court (@nathancourt)

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