After speculation first arose yesterday as to Cheick Kongo’s current employee status within the UFC after his profile was removed from the UFC heavyweight roster at, It’s been confirmed to The Fight Lounge that Kongo in fact turned down a new four-fight UFC deal.

As last night progressed, a number of key statements were made from people close to the Kongo and UFC situation. First Cheick Kongo’s manager, Anthony McGann, told MMAFighting, that Kongo was offered a four-fight deal before the Roy Nelson fight, but he turned it down after they couldn’t agree on terms. He was not offered a different deal after the fight.

The UFC then went on to release a short statement to MMAJunkie regarding Cheick Kongo’s current status within the organization after his first round knockout by Roy Nelson.

“Kongo recently fulfilled the last fight on his contract and is unlikely to be re-signed at the current time.”

So with all the information provided thus far it wouldn’t be a great stretch to assume that Checik Kongo’s days fighting under the UFC banner are over. However, the man himself, Cheick Kongo, took to his social networking site with this to say:

“I have finished the last fight of my UFC contract BUT I have not been cut by the UFC and I am a UFC Fighter, still. #stop #rumors #lies”

This leaves the whole situation firmly up in the air regarding Kongo’s current work status. In an attempt to resolve the current confusion The Fight Lounge spoke to Kongo’s manager, Anthony McGann this morning, who had this to say:

“He was offered a new four-fight deal with an increase in money. We couldn’t agree on the amount so Kongo ceased negotiation. He is now still under contract but only in the closing stage of his old one, he has had his six fights. What happens next is we are locked in for a month and cannot talk to anyone. Same as “Rampage”. Kongo might go back to the table. He may go elsewhere. All will be revealed. But he WASN’T cut. And he refused the new deal terms”

Stay tuned to The Fight Lounge for more news and updates on this story.

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