Next Sunday sees Supremacy Fight Challenge return for its ninth event as a promotion. The main event sees champion Micky Burns defend his European Title against Mark Weir. Prior to his defence, Burns took the time out from training to speak with us hear at The Fight Lounge.

As the defending champion, pressure is always on coming into any defence. Some deal with it in different ways to others and we wondered how Burns was looking forward to defending his title.

“I really cannot wait for it! I’ve been training really hard for this fight and just want to go out there and do my stuff!”

Burns has fought the majority of his career for Supremacy FC (formerly known as Strike and Submit) and we wondered just what it was about the promotion that kept bringing him back.

“Supremacy is my home town shown and is also where is began my professional career. I am always extremely well looked after, the atmosphere is always amazing and it is one of the best shows going!”

Micky’s opponent for this fight is a UFC veteran and UK MMA Legend in the form of Mark Weir. We were curious as to how Burns saw Weir as an opponent.

“I see this as a great fight for me and I think it will prove to be my toughest test to date. I have a lot of respect for Mark as he has been around a long time and accomplished a lot in his career. It is going to be anything but an easy fight but I’ve left no stone unturned in preparation for him!”

Weir is an incredibly skilled opponent who poses a threat at all times in any fight. We were curious as to what Micky saw as his keys to victory, if he’s trained anything specific for the fight and how his training has gone on a whole.

“To be honest I know that no matter where this fight goes Mark is always going to be a threat. I haven’t done anything specific for him I’ve just trained everything that I needed to train so I know I have all bases covered.”

“Overall my training has gone great for this fight. I had a couple of fights prior to this one so I’ve been in fight camp for around five months now so I’m feeling on top of my game at the moment!”

For those who have never seen Burns in action, he is an incredibly entertaining fighter so we asked him what fans can expect come fight night?

“Most fans that have seen me fight know exactly what to expect. If you haven’t seen me fight before I suggest you get yourself along and witness first hand and you will not be disappointed as this is going to be explosive!”

In every pre-fight injury we do here at The Fight Lounge we as people if they have a prediction for the fights and a message to their opponent; this time was no different.

“Mark, you’re coming to my neck of the woods to try and take my belt! I hope you’ve trained hard because this is going to be one war you’re not going to win!”

Should Burns defend his belt successfully in ten days’ time we were curious as to what he would like to see happen in the rest of the year.

“Once I’ve defended my belt I will be looking to see who is up for the challenge next! Only time will tell what happens next in my career but hopefully bigger and better things are on the horizon.”

Before we let Micky go to finish of the remained of his fight camp, we gave him the opportunity to thank everyone and anyone he liked.

“I would like to thank my manager Michael Surtees and Luke Kennedy of Supremacy for putting this fight together and also for getting me the fights I need to progress in my career. I would like to thank my sponsors at Bad Boy who constantly kit me out in the best clothing and equipment. I would like to thank my trainers John Atkins and Paul Coulsby as well as my entire fight team.”

“I would like to thank my family, friends and fans who come along and support me each time as it would not be the same without them! Finally I would like to thank The Fight Lounge for this interview as I have really enjoyed doing it.”

To see Micky in action be sure to get down to Supremacy FC 9 which takes place 17th February from The Lancastrian Suite at the Federation Brewery in Dunston, Gateshead.

For more on Supremacy Fight Challenge be sure to check out The Fight Lounge for all the latest news as it happens.

By Nathan Court (@nathancourt)

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