Next week see’s UCMMA return for its 31st event. The promotion is considered one of the best in the country and always puts on a great card, with this one being no exception. One of the fighters competing on this card is Nick “The Headhunter” Chapman. Chapman was kind enough to pop into The Fight Lounge ahead of his fight and here’s what he had to say.

Considering he has only been in the sport for a short time he has caught the attention of a lot of people with his impressive displays. We wondered how happy the man himself was with his performances.

“I am pleased considering my relatively short time in the sport,” He explained. “Obviously I would prefer to be 6-0 but I stepped up to the top two guys in the UK and subsequently lost. I am not deterred and I’m more focussed than ever now. In fact I think the losses have made me such a better fighter.”

For those of you who don’t know those two losses came against Linton Vassell and Jimi Manuwa who is now with the UFC. We wondered if those losses have been beneficial to him and he explained how it had.

I won my first four but yes, I believe that losses are a very important part of the professional development of an MMA fighter. I have only been training for not even three years yet and I can’t complain with my progress given the fact that the guys I lost to are both exceptional fighters with much more experience than I. I lost to Jimi, but then everyone does (laughs). At least I can say that he didn’t actually stop me or even hurt or drop me, which going by his record is an achievement in itself! The fight was stopped though although due to a cut. I was fine and felt good to carry on but it was out of my hands. The last fight I won the first round, I felt I totally dominated Linton and nearly KO’d him at the end of the first. He didn’t want to stay standing after that and reverted to what he does best. I was doing ok, but lost focus in round two, got a little bit too confident and made a couple of silly mistakes that cost me the fight. I have worked hard on all areas of weakness that were identified in those fights and feel better than ever.”

Next up for Chapman is the extremely well-travelled Aurelijus Kerpe. We asked him how he’s preparation has gone for this one and without giving away any of his game plan, he made it clear that he is ready!

“I have refocused, eliminated certain negatives in my life and trained harder and smarter than ever. I am ready and can’t see this guys getting out of the first round, he’s bang in trouble!” He continued with a clear message, “Experience might help him for a minute or so yes, but then i will simply kick his arse! I will finish this dude anywhere and I feel like it will happen in round one! If he gets to round two he certainly won’t see the end of that round! I can sub him, KO him or GnP him! I feel like he poses no problems for me!”

Chapman has fought on the UCMMA promotion many times now and is something of a veteran under that banner. We were curious as to what keeps attracting him back to them and he was more than happy to explain.

“I love UCMMA and always have! Dave (O’Donnell) is a great guy and the venue is awesome. The first UKMMA show that I ever went to was Cage Rage and I have always wanted to win the LHW Title! I simply cannot and will not stop until I am either dead or claim it as my own!”

Next year sees a huge step forward in mixed martial arts as SafeMMA is born. This is being endorsed by some of the biggest players in the domestic MMA scene and we wondered what Chapman’s thoughts were about it.

“I think it is awesome!” He explained. “I am very aware of the whole concept and wholeheartedly endorse it. I will certainly be signing up and so will Fight Science.”

What people may not know about Chapman is that outside of fighting he is very involved in the local community, helping and guiding many youngsters. This intrigued us greatly so we asked him about it and he gave us the lowdown on what he does.

“This is something I love to do! I was a toe rag as a young lad, I was lost and angry. I succumbed to many pitfalls which caused a lot of misery in my life. I feel a need and a want to help others avoid the pitfall that I succumbed by using my experiences of life and my story to motivate and hopefully deter youngsters. I get a great sense of satisfaction from seeing the difference that I can make to other people’s lives. I work with the church, the police and the local councils, schools and colleges whenever I am asked. It’s just something I believe very strongly about; life is a wonderful experience and must not be wasted!”

An extremely great thing which he is doing! Before we let him go we gave him an open mic to thank and mention anyone which he likes and here they are.

“Thank you guys for your time and also may i thank, Thrifty Car Hire www.thrifty.co.uk use promotional code WEBMMA for discounts, John Simpson of www.completekravmaga.co.uk for your continued support Fiona Knowlton of www.theguide2surrey.com, www.pasonline.co.uk top quality sports nutrition supplements and www.skips-uk.co.uk. And of course the loyal and awe inspiring HeadHunter Army for their continued support and also John Bolton at B-MMA Fighter Management for his help in managing me as I travel forward into 2013. All the team at Fight Science you guys are amazing!”

If you would like to catch Nick in action you can do so next Saturday 1st December at UCMMA 31 at The Troxy in London, England.

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