Earlier this week it was announced that twenty Strikeforce fighters had been brought to the UFC. Some thought that this made their already large roster too big but it appears they have done something to solve that problem and have released nine fighters.

The nine fighters in question are Chad Griggs, Nick Penner, Marcus LeVesseur, John Cofer, Joey Gambino, Jeff Hougland, Jared Papazian, Yasuhiro Urishitani and Henry Martinez.

With so many names coming in, and the potential for even more to be arriving, it was going to be inevitable that releases would come and the nine fighters above had amasses a combined record of just 3-19-0 so must have been fearing the worst from the moment the list of twenty Strikeforce arrivals were announced.

With an incredibly busy schedule coming up for the UFC which sees them put on an event almost every week up from now until March, it would not be surprising to see the list of names being released increase. Those fighters coming into fights off a loss must now be really worried.

We at The Fight Lounge would like to wish those nine fighters who are now out of a job the best of luck with the rest of their careers.

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By Nathan Court (@nathancourt)

Deputy Editor and 3-2-0 professional fighter sponsored by

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