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Scotland’s On Top promotion returned last night for their fifth event. Held in Kelvin Hall in Glasgow, the show was headlined by a welterweight title fight between Nico Musoke and Dean Caldwell. Here are the results.

Danny Welsh v Scott Richards

Late Replacement Danny Welsh was brought in to replace Arek Zienkiwicz. Walsh quickly took control scoring with a trip takedown the working to mount. Richard managed to pull off a sweep but it was quickly reversed. Welsh then proceeded to rain down some ground and pound to get the TKO.

Winner: Danny Welsh by TKO (strikes) after 4 minutes and 23 seconds of round 1


Jonny Goodall v Rhys Parker

Goodall made quick work of his opponent, scoring with a takedown right off the bat, and punishing his opponent with vicious strikes.

Winner: Jonny Goodall by TKO (strikes) after 57 seconds of round 1


James McAllister v Barry McGuigan 

McAllister scoring with a takedown in the first round and controlled the action from side control. McGuigan was able to perform a sweep, but McAllister again made his was to top position after a short time.

McAllister was very much in control during the second round, scoring with a single leg and throwing strikes at his opponent who was working from guard.

McGuigan looked to be finished in the third round when he was dropped by a knee. He then managed to gain top position after recovering but McAlllister capitalized on the chance to secure a triangle choke to end the fight.

Winner: James McAllister by Submission (Triangle) after 2 minutes and 42 seconds of round 3


Danny Henry v Leon Del Gaudio

Henry was once again on top form as he threw a right hand that landed flush and ended the fight in the opening 20 seconds of the round.

Winner: Danny Henry by KO (Punch) after 17 seconds of round 1


Joanne Calderwood v Ainara Mota

A Dominant performance from Calderwood throughout this fight. She caused damage with knees to the head and body of Mota, and then scored with a catch kick takedown. Mota defended herself with up kicks, but this wasn’t enough to stifle Calderwood’s strikes from a standing performances. Mota hoped to secure a heel hook to get the sub but it wasn’t to be as Calderwood punished her with ground and pound for a second time to close the round.

Calderwood was again in control in the second, working from side control into mount then raining down blows to force the stoppage.

Winner: Calderwood by TKO (strikes) after 2 minutes and 46 seconds of round 2


Dean Reilly v Fouad Mesdari

Highly animated Frenchman Mousdari unleashed a devastatingly quick flurry of punches to get the TKO, making this the second fight of the night to end in the opening 20 seconds

Winner: Fouad Mesdari by TKO (Punches) after 12 seconds of round 1


David Galbraith v Adam Stevenson

Back and forth action in the first round, Galbraith looked to be edging ahead slightly on the scorecard by controlling Stevenson against the cage. Galbraith became the victim of a stray kick to the groin (purely accidental), when the action recommenced, both men gave all they had, in an all-out-brawl until the bell signaled the end of the round.

Stevenson came back strong in the second with effective boxing combinations and scoring with takedowns followed up with strikes.

Galbraith was dropped in the final round and Stevenson worked to mount. He then punished Galbraith with strikes until he gave up his back. Stevenson continued to put the pressure on with more punches from back mount. The action reached a stalemate so the fighters were stood up by the ref. Stevenson demonstrated more of his boxing abilities but became victim to Galbraith’s takedown abilities. Galbraith then rained down blows from guard to close the fight.

Winner: David Galbraith by Unanimous decision.


Alan Johnston v Jessin Ayari

Ayari attempted a guillotine choke early in the fight; Johnston did well to hold on and fought back with some boxing combinations and knees to the head and body of his opponent. Ayari seemed keen to get a single leg takedown, but Johnston’s takedown defense proved troublesome for the majority of the round. When he did eventually score with the takedown, he worked into a head and arm choke, but Johnston again fought his way out of the submission.

In similar fashion to the opening round, Ayari seemed keen to get the fight down to the mat. Johnston scored points with knees from Thai clinch, and then, from nowhere, unleashed a brutal combination of punches that lead to Ayari being knocked out on his feet. It seemed that Ayari was show boating at first when his hands dropped but later transpired that he was in fact unconscious.

Winner: Alan Johnston by KO (Punches) after 2 minutes and 52 seconds of round 2


Steven Ray v Qasim Shafiq

Shafiq attempted a single leg takedown right off the bat. Ray sprawled then worked to back mount and locked on an arm bar to end the fight just past the 1 minute mark.

Winner: Steven Ray by Submission (Arm bar) after 1 minute and 2 seconds of round 1


Dean Caldwell v Niko Musoke: On Top Welterweight title fight

Caldwell shooting for the takedown right from the bell, but Musoke used his left arm as a post to keep the action standing. Caldwell keeping the pressure on by forcing Musoke’s back to the cage. From nowhere Musoke pulled of a trip takedown to side control and quickly worked to mount. He then threw some damaging strikes until Caldwell rolled over in an attempt to escape. Musoke continued his damaging assault until the referee called a stop to the fight. Musoke remains the On Top Welterweight Champion

Winner: Niko Musoke by TKO (GNP) after 3 minutes and 49 seconds of round 1

By Stuart Baxter