Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. Each day it grows and expands into new countries. One country which is experiencing a great surge in MMA popularity is Pakistan. One of the key players in the Pakistani MMA scene is Bashir Ahmed, owner of PAK MMA Fighting Alliance. Bashir has kindly agreed to give us an interview and this is what he had to say.

TFL – Hi Bashir and welcome to The Fight Lounge. First off can you introduce yourself to our readers?


Bashir – Hi and thanks you for allowing me to give this interview. I am Bashir Ahmed and i am credited in Pakistan as being one of the biggest pioneers of MMA in Pakistan and i am often known as the “Godfather of Pakistani MMA”. I was also the first person from Pakistan to fight internationally.


TFL – What brought you into the sport of MMA and what made you want to become a promoter?

Bashir – I got into the sport because i thought that it was a great way to test my martial arts skills. I began by training in Japanese Ju Jitsu and has no real interest in MMA at the time however I knew that the skills I was learning were useless unless applied in a real situation and i wasn’t about to go and start any street fights! I knew that for me to become a better martial artist I needed to begin fighting and this is what lead me to mixed martial arts.

I got into the promoting side of the sport because I knew that there was a lot of talent in Pakistan and that MMA was something that the country could really take to and be good at. Although I was born in Pakistan I grew up in the USA however I have always loved the country and have always wanted to give something back so MMA was my opportunity.


TFL – So, you are the owner of PAK MMA Fighting Alliance, could you tell us a little about your promotion?

Bashir – I’m not actually the owner of PAK MMA Fighting Alliance I just set the spark for it’s inception. The promotion is fighter owned and it’s president is a well known guy in the Pakistani music industry called Mahmood Rahman.

PAK MMA is essentially a promotion for the fighters. We have got other promotions out here in Pakistan and they’re doing an excellent job but many of the guys fighting on these shows were enjoying the fighting aspect but not enjoying being told what to do so one day i said, “why don’t you guys start your own promotion?” and then PAK MMA Fighting Alliance was born. I just sit back and promote the brand, getting its name out there, but i am quite hands off.


TFL – Your next event is happening at the beginning of February. You have gone with a Pakistan vs. Afghanistan theme we believe. What was the inspiration for doing the country vs. country theme?

Bashir – PAK MMA was the first promotion in Pakistan to host internalional fights and it went extremely well. We went with Pakistan vs. Afghanistan because both the Afghans and the Pakistani people are very nationalistic so we a promoting a friendly sporting rivalry which helps keep the fighters pumped up and motivated.


TFL – What is the MMA scene currently like in Pakistan?

Bashir – It is going great! I have said this to people many times but I believe that the next two years are the years that is going to see MMA truly take off in Pakistan. PAK MMA as well as VCL and PFC are all working extremely hard to be the number one event in the country and this competition is allowing the sport to evolve at a rapid rate. Over the next two years I honestly see MMA becoming one of the most popular spectator sports in Pakistan.


TFL – What are your ultimate goals for yourself as a promoter and also your promotion?

Bashir – Promoting is just part time for me but who knows what can happen? I would love for it to get as big as possible and to be able to take on a life of its own so that i can sit back, open a small gym in a rural area and train up and coming fighters. I love being a part of the growth of it all but I also love the simple life. Just as i had a calling to return to Pakistan, that same voice is telling me I’d like to escape from the highly competitive environment of modern life one day.

I want to continue competing myself for another ten years or so with the focus of becoming a champion but also on becoming a more enlightened martial artist.

Regarding PAK MMA i hope it becomes something great that can support a large number of people in the MMA industry and be able to be provide them with an opportunity to do the sport full time so that they can provide for themselves and their families and live a good life because of the sport.


TFL – Thank you for your time. Is there anything you’d like to say before you leave?

Bashir – Thank you so much for having me! I just want to say to the MMA community that we should not stray from the honourable ideals and principles that are enshrined in martial arts and the martial arts way. That we are all here to help each other and that this fact is exemplified when two men fight in the ring or cage and that opponent becomes their best friend. Remember that we all enjoy the same sport and want to see it grow. Keep rivalries professional and friendly and that your personal growth and kindness to others is all that will matter.


We at The Fight Lounge would like to thank Bashir for this interview and wish him the best of luck for the future.

By Nathan Court

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