paul kelly

The news of Paul Kelly’s court case made it to websites and other media outlets around the world, spreading like wildfire. Now, for the first time, Paul has released a statement to The Fight Lounge, regarding the situation.

It was hard to avoid the stories regarding Paul Kelly and his prison sentence. Yet The Fight Lounge haven’t mentioned it, since the news was already readily available elsewhere and we felt like it would be rubbing salt into the former UFC fighter’s wounds.

As we have dealt with Paul many times, he wanted to get his statement out to the world and asked The Fight Lounge to do so on his behalf. We received a letter today, which you will find below. The letter speaks about his treatment in court and more. Please have a read.

“I am writing this from behind my prison door. I have been wrongly convicted of a crime I never committed. Not only is it a crime I never committed, but I have somehow been pinned as some kind of crime boss!

“This case, as you know, has been going on for close to two years and I have been on bail the whole time. For the first trial, I was up for conspiracy to supply class A drugs and conspiracy to supply class B drugs. I was found not guilty for the latter and had a hung jury for the other charge. The case was then to be tried the following month.

“In my mind, I was never to be convicted of a crime I haven’t committed. The following month came and, when I turned up at court, everything had changed! Bear in mind that there wasn’t one strand of factual evidence on me, plus the fact I was abroad for nearly the whole of the surveillance, I was convinced that this would be the last time in court, as even one hung jury was enough for the case to be kicked out!

“I turned up to court and I was warned that I couldn’t mention half of my case! So, from that moment I stood on stand, I was lying. This is not justice. I am serving thirteen years in prison.

“I had 271 police officers following me for seven months and the evidence they came up with was with me picking up a friend whilst I was with Phoebe – my four year old daughter. I have been stitched up for publicity and the whole case stinks to high heaven.

“I am away from my family, my two children who I live for, for something I haven’t done. I would happily take a lie detector test to help prove my innocence.

“It is bullshit. In my mind, the conviction and the publicity was more important than the truth. There is a massive level of corruption and I am rotting away in here because of it.”

We at The Fight Lounge have had many dealings with Paul Kelly in the past and he has always been a respectful and polite man who is devoted to his children. We feel sorry for everything that has happened to him and to his children and partner Jennifer.

All the views expressed in the statement are those of Paul Kelly and not of anyone affiliated with The Fight Lounge.

By Mike Clarke (@fightlounge)