With the most comprehensive line-up ever, UFC 200 promises to be the biggest event in mixed martial arts history, with two title fights and the return of the biggest drawing card in MMA history

By Matthew Singh-Dosanjh

Preliminary card

Lightweight division- Sage Northcutt(7-1) Vs. Enrique Marin(9-3)

Round one:
Good left jab by Northcutt. Good left head-kick by Northcutt partially lands. Clinching against the fence. Marin gets the single leg takedown against the fence. Marin working for a leg lock but Northcutt ends up in side-control. Northcutt now has his back. Marin able to get back to half guard. Northcutt has his back again on the ground with twenty seconds left in the round. Round over, 10-9 Northcutt.

Round two:
Good punching combo by Northcutt lands. Northcutt drags Marin to the ground but Marin ends up in side-control. Marin working for an armbar. Marin has it locked in but Northcutt shows great composure and escapes. Great defence from Northcutt there. Northcutt now in Marin’s closed guard. Marin reverses and ends up on top of Northcutt. Marin now working for a Kimura but can’t get it. Marin now trying for another armbar but Northcutt defends and escapes. End of round, 10-9 Marin.

Round three
Marin gets the double leg takedown while clinching against the fence. Both back standing, clinching against the fence. Northcutt with hard elbows as Marin tries to get the takedown. Marin bleeding badly now. Marin gets the double leg takedown against the fence. Not much action in the final right. Northcutt landing some elbows on Marin’s guard. End of round and fight, very close fight and could go either way as the third round was too close to call.

29-28 unanimous decision for Northcutt.

Bantamweight division- TJ Dillashaw(12-3, #1BW) Vs. Rafael Assunção(23-4, #3BW)

Round one
Good movement from Dillashaw early. Good left jab by Dillashaw. Good inside leg kick by Dillashaw lands. Spinning back kick attempt by Assunção blocked by Dillashaw. Another good inside leg kick by Dillashaw lands. Counter right hand by Assunção blocked. Round over, 10-9 Dillashaw.

Round two
Good counter right hand lands from Dillashaw. Dillashaw using his superior movement to control and win the fight thus far. Not much action mid-way through the round. Assunção bleeding from the nose now. Assunção gets a double leg takedown as Dillashaw moves in with punches but Dillashaw gets straight back to his feet. Referee calls the doctor in to check the bleeding nose of Assunção, doctor says he’s OK to continue and the fight restarts. Round over, close round, could be 10-9 either way.

Round three
Good body kick by Assunção. Solid outside leg kick by Assunção lands. Dillashaw shoots for a takedown but Assunção defends completely. Assunção tries for a double leg takedown but Dillashaw spins out and escapes. Dillashaw gets a double leg takedown with perfect timing. Assunção able to get back up after only a few seconds. Round and fight over, should be a unanimous decision for Dillashaw.

30-27 unanimous for Dillashaw

Catch-weight bout- Johny Hendricks(17-4, 6#WW) Vs. Kelvin Gastelum(11-2, #12WW)

Round one
Good over-hand left by Gastelum. Good outside left leg kick by Gastelum. Another solid outside left leg kick by Gastelum. Hendricks starting slow and not offering much mid-way through the round. Gastelum putting his punching combos together well. Clinching against the fence. Round over, 10-9 Gastelum.

Round two
Gastelum pushing the pace early. Good outside leg kick by Gastelum lands. Clinching against the fence. Hendricks trying for the takedown against the fence. Spinning back kick attempt from Gastelum blocked. Good body punch by Gastelum. Round over, 10-9 Gastelum.

Round three
Gastelum pushing the pace straight away. Good, solid outside leg kick by Gastelum lands. Hendricks is starting to fatigue now. Gastelum mixing up his punches to the body and head very well. Hendricks shoots for the single leg takedown, Gastelum defends. Hendricks gets him down for a second but Gastelum gets straight back up. Both fighters swinging wildly as the round and fight ends. Should be a unanimous decision for Gastelum as won all three rounds.

29-28, 30-27, 30-27 unanimous decision for Gastelum.

Women’s bantamweight division- Cat Zingano(9-1, #3WBW) Vs. Juliana Pena(8-2, #5WBW)

Round one
Zingano aggressive early and gets the trip takedown while clinching against the fence. Pena able to get to her feet. Zingano with another takedown but Pena again gets back to her feet. Pena now with a takedown and in half guard. Round over, not much action, 10-9 Pena due to landing many more shots.

Round two
Zingano with a hip toss throw as soon as the round starts. Zingano can’t keep Pena down though. Zingano with another throw takedown. Pena takes Zingano’s back with a body triangle. Pena working for a rear-naked choke. Round over, very close due to Zingano’s takedowns and Pena’s control from back position, could be 10-9 either way.

Round three
Pena with a takedown within twenty seconds. Pena in side-control trying to land some elbows. Pena doing a good job of keeping Zingano on the ground and controlling her. Pena has her back now with both hooks in. Round over, 10-9 Pena so should be her fight via unanimous decision.

29-28 for Pena via unanimous decision

Main card

Heavyweight division- Cain Velasquez(13-2, #2HW) Vs. Travis Browne(18-3-1, #7HW)

Round one
Good counter right straight hand by Browne early. Velasquez pushing the pace early. Clinching against the fence. Velasquez drops him with a punch. Velasquez in top position trying to land ground and pound shots but Browne covers up and defends well. Velasquez able to takedown Browne and now landing unanswered ground and pound shots with Browne face-down, referee John McCarthy steps and stops the fight with seconds left in the round. Great performance from Velasquez here. Finish came at 4:57 of the round via TKO.

Interim featherweight championship- Frankie Edgar(20-4-1, #2FW) Vs. Jose Aldo(25-2, #1FW)

Round one
Leg kicks early from Edgar land. Not much action half way into the round. Edgar with a single leg takedown attempt but Aldo defends and spins out. Good right hand straight by Aldo lands. Round over, not much action but Edgar probably shaded it 10-9.

Round two
Edgar pushing the pace but Aldo remaining calm. Edgar now bleeding from above the left eye. Edgar with a takedown attempt but Aldo defends easily. Good punching combo by Edgar lands. Aldo doing well with timing his counter punches. Good outside leg kick by Edgar lands. Round over, another close round, likely 10-9 Aldo.

Round three
Edgar with another takedown attempt but Aldo stuffs it and escapes. Clinching against the fence. Edgar now bleeding from the nose as well as the left eye. Good right straight by Aldo lands. Right hook by Edgar. Round over, 10-9 Aldo.

Round four
Good body kick by Edgar lands. Not much action half way through the round. Goof left hook by Edgar. Good right hand by Aldo lands. Round over, probably 10-9 Aldo. Edgar needs a stoppage to win.

Round five
More of the same two minutes into the round, Aldo out-striking and out-moving Edgar. Edgar’s face is a bloody mess. Edgar trying to push the pace with one minute left but it’s not going to matter unless he stops Aldo. Round and fight over, Aldo is the clear winner and get the nod via unanimous decision.

Unanimous decision for Aldo, who becomes the Interim UFC featherweight champion and sets up a rematch with Conor McGregor to unify the UFC featherweight championship

Light heavyweight division- Daniel Cormier(17-1) Vs. Anderson Silva (33-7-1NC,)

Round one
Cormier able to get a takedown early. Cormier trying to land ground and pounds shots. Silva defending well from half guard. Round over, not much action, 10-9 Cormier due to being in control in the ground.

Round two
Cormier blocks a head kick attempt by Silva. Cormier catches a kick and gets the takedown. Cormier trying to pass Silva’s guard. Cormier in half guard trying to land ground and pound punches but Silva is avoiding most of them. Referee John McCarthy stands them up due to inactivity. Round over, 10-9 Cormier.

Round three
Good right hand by Cormier lands early. Cormier gets the takedown again. More of the same on the ground, as Cormier tries to land shots while Silva avoids most of them. Very little action on the ground. McCarthy stands them up with two minutes left in the fight. Big body kick by Silva that hurts Cormier who has to clinch against the fence. Round and fight over, should be scored for Cormier.

30-26 unanimous decision for Cormier. Not a great fight but that’s to be expected given the short-notice element of the bout.

Co-main event, heavyweight division- Brock Lesnar(5-3) Vs. Mark Hunt(12-10-1, #8HW)

Round one
Both fighters tentative early. Lesnar with a good outside leg kick that lands. Lesnar shoots for the takedown and gets it but Hunt straight back up to his feet. Lesnar trying for the takedown against the fence. Lesnar gets the single leg takedown and straight into side-control. Lesnar landing some big punches from back side-control. Hunt gets taken down again with twenty seconds left. Lesnar in full mount but the round ends. Big round for Lesnar he gets the round 10-9.

Round two
Hunt tries a big over-hand right but Lesnar blocks it. Both fighter tentative again early. Lesnar tries for a single-leg but Hunt turns out of it and escapes. Clinching against the fence with Lesnar looking for the takedown. Round over, not much action at all, probably 10-9 Hunt due to pressing the pace.

Round three
Lesnar able to get the double-leg takedown against the fence and straight into mount position. Lesnar trying to land punches but Hunt doing a good job of defending. Hunt able to regain half guard. Lesnar gets back to full mount with two minutes to go. Lesnar landing good ground and pound shots in mount. Lesnar completely controlling Hunt on the ground as the round and final comes to an end. Round over, 10-9 Lesnar so should get the nod from the judges.

29-27 from all three judges for the unanimous decision for Lesnar. It wasn’t a spectacular performance, but it was impressive considering it was his first fight after five years and was a win over a contender like Hunt.

Main event, UFC Women’s bantamweight championship- Miesha Tate(c)(18-5) Vs. Amanda Nunes(12-4)

Round one
Good leg kick by Nunes lands. Tate gets the takedown but Nunes straight back up and escapes. Nunes landing with some good punches. Good jabs by Nunes. Nunes starting to tee off on Tate with punches, Tate in trouble with plenty of time left in the round. Tate bleeding from the face. Nunes has Tate’s back on the ground and locks in a choke and gets the tap out for the win. This was essentially a demolition by Nunes. Finish came at 3:16 of the round.