Steroid Raid

It seems that the UFC has decided to tackle the usage of performance drugs head-on, as it changes it’s criteria.

According to a report on MMA Junkie, starting this weekend the UFC will change its drug testing criteria.

As we all know fighters can earn huge bonuses – between $40,000 and $100,000 – for fight of the night, submission of the night, and knockout of the night, and if you are an up and coming fighter this can make a huge difference to your earnings.

As of this Saturday any fighter that wins a bonus will have to pass a drugs test in order to get their money.

Whilst many will see this as a good start is it really enough? With the UFC stakes being so high more and more fighters are being caught using PEDs.

Chieck Kongo has been extremely vocal on Twitter for his dislike of cheats:

“Get Doping Out Of UFC . Real Fighters have nothing to do with Liars, Cheaters and Drug-Addicts @ufc @danawhite Clean Up The Sport. #MMA

It would be fair to say that most fighters see drug cheats as a bar to their earning potential and generally damaging to the image of the sport.

Would other forms of testing be a good idea – such as out of competition testing? At present the UFC have no plans to implement this but in my opinion this would be an extremely useful tool – if there was a potential to be tested at anytime most would think carefully about taking PEDs in the first place.

I have always thought that drug cheats should be banned full stop. One if the things that has puzzled me in the past is the UFC throw a fighter out due to failing a drugs test, they then would go to say Strikeforce, go on a tear and get re-signed by the UFC???

What warning does this give? None in my opinion.

Its fair to say that there will always be fighters that think they need an illegal edge to fight but to maintain a level playing field they should be shown the door permanently if caught.

The UFC also announced that all fighters on their international shows will be tested for PED’s from now on.

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By Peter Coop