A women’s bantamweight bout headlines the four fight main card of UFC Fight Night 111 from the Singapore Indoor Stadium as Holy Holm and Bethe Correia collide, while in the co-main event a heavyweight contest features as Andrei Arlovski takes on Marcin Tybura

Welterweight division, Rafael dos Anjos(25-9) Vs. Tarec Saffiedine(16-6, #11WW)

Round one: Saffiedine takes the centre of the Octagon immediately. Saffiedine catches a leg-kick and gets the takedown. dos Anjos working for a Kimura off his back but Saffiedine defends and escapes. dos Anjos gets back to his feet. Body kick by dos Anjos lands. dos Anjos easily gets a takedown while clinching against the fence. Saffiedine able to scramble back to his feet. Round over, likely 10-9 dos Anjos.

Round two: Good leg kick by Saffiedine lands early. dos Anjos trying for the takedown against the fence but Saffiedine defends and escapes. dos Anjos hits an illegal knee to the head but the referee missed it. dos Anjos trying for numerous takedowns in different positions but Saffiedine is defending all the attempts. Round over, likely 10-9 Saffiedine but very close.

Round three: dos Anjos lands a body kick straight away. Saffiedine landing some good punches. Good body kick by dos Anjos lands. Leg kick by dos Anjos lands. Not much action mid-round as both fighters are fatigued. Both fighters landing solid body kicks and punches. Saffiedine bleeding from the nose now. Good body kick by dos Anjos lands as the round ends. Should be a unanimous decision for Brazilian dos Anjos but could easily be a split division.

30-27, 30-27, 29-28 unanimous decision for dos Anjos.

Welterweight division, Dong Hyun Kim(22-3-1-1NC, #7WW) Vs. Colby Covington(11-1)

Round one: Covington gets a takedown straight away. Hyun Kim able to get back to his feet quickly. Covington gets the waist lock takedown against the fence after trying for several minutes. Hyun Kim able to get back to his feet quickly. Covington able to get another takedown in the last twenty second of the round. Round over, 10-9 Covington due to the takedowns

Round two: Covington shoots for a double leg takedown but Hyun Kim sprawls and defends. Covington able to get the takedown as he drags Hyun Kim to the ground from a waist lock. Hyun Kim gets back to his feet against the fence. Covington lands an overhand left that rocks Hyun Kim, he recovers quickly though. Covington able to get another takedown against the fence. Round over, 10-9 Covington.

Round three: Both fighters swinging big punches though neither can connect. Covington gets the double leg takedown against the fence. Hyun Kim gets back to his feet. Clinching against the fence. Not much action in the clinch against the fence. Round over, 10-9 for Covington who should take the fight via unanimous decision.

30-25, 30-26, 30-27 unanimous decision for Covington.

Co-main event, heavyweight division, Andrei Arlovski(25-4-1NC, #8HW) Vs. Marcin Tybura(15-2, #13HW)

Round one: Spinning back kick to the body by Arlovski lands. Tybura catches a kick and gets the takedown. Tybura almost takes the back but Arlovski scrambles and gets back to guard. Tybura now in mount trying to land hammerfists. Big ground and pound elbows from Tybura land. Arlovski being dominated on the ground. Arlovski able to get back to his feet with twenty seconds left. Arlovski makes a comeback as he lands punches as the round ends. Despite the comeback at the end, probably a 10-8 round for Tybura.

Round two: Arlovski comes out aggressive with his strikes. Clinching against the fence. Arlovski trying for the takedown against the fence. Very little action with continued clinching against the fence. Referee breaks the fighters and restarts them due to inaction. Straight back to clinching against the fence. Round over, 10-9 Arlovski.

Round three: Tybura trying for the double leg against the fence early. Tybura able to complete the takedown. Tybura moves into side control. Arlovski able to get back to half guard. Tybura takes Arlovski’s back. Tybura now in mount and lands a big elbow. Tybura takes the back again. Round and fight over, 10-9 for Tybura, maybe 10-8.

29-28, 28-27, 29-27 unanimous decision for Tybura.

Main event, women’s bantamweight division, Holy Holm(10-3, #5WBW) Vs. Bethe Correia(10-2-1, #11WBW)

Round one: Very little action half way through the round. Holm with a side kick to the body. Neither fighter willing to commit to anything meaningful. Holm clearly looking to counter-strike but Correia isn’t trying anything. Good counter left hook by Correia lands. Round over, likely 10-9 Correia but very little in it due to the lack of action.

Round two: Both fighters tentative again early. Good straight right by Correia. Referee Marc Goddard stops the fight and gives a warning to both fighters due to inactivity. Correia tries but misses a spinning back fist. Clinching against the fence as the round ends. Very little action again, probably 10-9 Correia. Both fighters are clearly playing a long game given the fight is five rounds.

Round three: Holm lands a huge head kick that drops and stops Correia. Correia was taunting Holm and urging her to move forward and Holm landed left head kick that dropped the Brazilian to her backside, she then landed a punch that flattened her out on the ground. Finish came at 1:09 of the round via knockout.

By Matthew Singh-Dosanjh