The UFC returns to Poland, as Fight Night 118 takes place in Gdansk with a four fight main card headlined by a welterweight bout between Britain’s Darren Till and fan favourite American Donald Cerrone

First up is a middleweight contest between American Johnathan Wilson(7-2) and Poland’s Oskar Piechota(9-0-1)

Round one:

Wilson pushing the pace early. Both fighters willing to stand and trade strikes halfway into the round. Good outside leg kick by Wilson lands. Piechota shoots for a takedown and ends up taking Wilson’s back standing against the fence. Piechota working for a rear-naked choke but Wilson defends well whilst carrying Piechota on his back. Round over, 10-9 Piechota.

Round two:

Not much action halfway through the round. Piechota lands a good right straight. Good leg kick by Wilson lands. Wilson pressing the pace but not landing any damaging strikes. Very little action with one minute left in the round. Piechota lands a big right hand over the top that drops Wilson but the round ended before Piechota could finish him. 10-9 Piechota, maybe 10-8.

Round three:

Very little action halfway into the round. Piechota shoots for the double leg takedown and gets it. Piechota now in full mount against the fence. Piechota now has his back and trying for the rear-naked choke. Now he’s working for the head and arm triangle from side control, Wilson defends though. Piechota now trying for an armbar/triangle choke. Piechota had the armbar but the round ended. 10-9 for Piechota, maybe 10-8.

30-27 unanimous decision for Piechota, who bags an impressive win in his UFC debut.

Light heavyweight division, Jan Blachowicz(19-7) versus Devin Clark(8-1)

Round one:

Clark aggressive early as he shoots for the takedown within ten seconds, can’t get it though and they end up grappling against the fence. No action so referee Marc Goddard restarts them. Good outside leg kick by Clark lands. Clark being aggressive with his strikes but also telegraphing his shots. Clark lands a good right hand but Blachowicz recovers quickly. Round over, possibly 10-9 Clark.

Round two:

Hard body kick from Blachowicz lands. Clark shoots for a takedown but Blachowicz sprawls, defends and manages to get his own single-leg takedown. Clark shoots for a takedown again, but Blachowicz is able to defend and get a standing rear-naked choke to which Clark has to tap out. A very weird looking and unique submission, at least in term of positioning. Finish came at 3:02 of the round.

Women’s strawweight division, Karolina Kowalkiewicz(10-2, #3WSW) versus Jodie Esquibel(6-2)

Polish Kowalkiewicz is need of a win here as she’s lost her last two bouts. This is American Esquibel’S UFC debut

Round one:

Kowalkiewicz getting the better of the striking exchanges with half of the round gone. Kowalkiewicz the aggressor. Esquibel struggling with the reach and height advantage of Kowalkiewicz. Round over, not much action but Kowalkiewicz took the round 10-9.

Round two:

Kowalkiewicz straight back to getting the better of the striking exchanges early. Esquibel just can’t get anything going as Kowalkiewicz is constantly pressuring her. Kowalkiewicz lands some good punches as she rushes Esquibel. Kowalkiewicz gets a trip takedown and immediately goes for an armbar but Esquibel defends well as the round ends. 10-9 Kowalkiewicz, Esquibel needs a stoppage in the final round.

Round three

Esquibel tries a double leg takedown but Kowalkiewicz defends. Not much action as Kowalkiewicz is still applying pressure and walking down Esquibel but not landing any big shots. Round and fight over, 10-9 Kowalkiewicz who picks up the comfortable victory.

30-27 from all three judges as Kowalkiewicz gets the unanimous decision win.

Main event, welterweight division, Donald Cerrone(32-9-1NC, #6WW) versus Darren Till(15-0-1)

Like Kowalkiewicz, Cerrone needs a win here as he dropped his previous two bouts.

Round one:

Cerrone with a takedown attempt early but Till defends. Till looking good early with his striking. Cerrone gets a good takedown but Till able to get straight back to his feet. Till with great timing on his strikes. Till lands a good left jab. Good straight right to the body by Cerrone. Till lands a left-right straight combo that rocks Cerrone against the fence now he’s swarming all over Cerrone with punches, Cerrone slumps to the ground not defending and the referee steps in an stops the fight at 4:20 as Till bags the highly impressive win.

By Matthew Singh-Dosanjh