Former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman was looking to break a three fight losing streak as he took on Kelvin Gastelum in the main event of UFC On Fox 25 with the pair headlining a four fight main card from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Long Island, New York

The main card began in the bantamweight division, as fast-rising American prospect Jimmie Rivera(20-1, #4BW) took on Brazilian Thomas Almeida(22-1, #9BW)

Living up to his billing as betting favourite to take the bout, Rivera asserted his dominance in the first round via his striking as he dropped the Brazilian with a left hook at the three minute mark, however Almeida showed great composure and resilience and managed to get the clinch against the fence and recover as the fight moved into the second round

The pace continued to be very high in the second round, however it was Almeida that got the upper hand in the striking exchanges and even managed to a right straight that landed and dropped Rivera however much like the Brazilian in the first round Rivera recovered as the bout moved to the third and final round

It was Rivera’s wrestling that made the difference in the final round, as the American was able to get a slam takedown in the opening moments of the round, however Almeida showed good defence both on the feet and on the ground
despite being taken down a few times during the last five minutes, with the fight going the distance

In the end all four judges gave the bout to Rivera via unanimous decision

Moving to the light heavyweight division, it was thirteenth-ranked versus twelfth-ranked as Patrick Cummins(9-4, #12LHW) took on Gian Villante(15-8, #13LHW) with the latter entering the bout as betting favourite

Villante had Cummins in trouble early in the first round as Villante was able to land some of his big looping right hands though Cummins was able to recover and regain his composure via a brief stoppage in the action from referee John McCarthy due to an accident head butt that opened a cut to the top of the head of Cummins as the bout moved to the second round

Despite the nasty cut to the head Cummins managed to excel in the second round and got the better of the striking exchanges, however he couldn’t complete any of the numerous takedowns he attempted as Villante stuffed them all though Cummins clearly won the round due to pressing the action in tandem with getting the better of the striking

The pace slowed considerably in the final round, with Cummins in particular losing a lot of blood from the head cut in addition to sustaining significant swelling under the right eye, however despite this it was Cummins who was the aggressor in the final five minutes as he continued to attempt takedowns thought without any success as the round and fight came to an end

In the end, despite physically looking like the loser, it was Cummins that got the win via split decision

The co-main event was a featherweight contest, as ten-ranked Dennis Bermudez(17-6, #10FW) took on twelfth-ranked Darren Elkins(23-5, #12FW) with both Americans looking to break into the 145lbs championship picture with a convincing and comprehensive victory

Elkins got the better of the action in the first round, as he was able to utilise his wrestling secure numerous takedowns in the first five minutes, however despite taking Bermudez’s back on the ground in the first round he couldn’t find any opening for a submission, while Bermudez was able to land a few hard leg kicks as the bout moved into the second round

After a tentative first few minutes of round two Bermudez was able to turn the tables on Elkins and managed to secure a double leg takedown, however Elkins was able to get back to his feet quickly and towards the end of the round after much clinching against the fence managed to turn the tables and get a slam takedown on Bermudez to end the round

The third and final round was an uneventful one, with neither fighter being able to gain the advantage with the final five minutes consisting mainly of clinching against the fence interspersed with tired striking from both as the bout went the distance

It was Elkins that got the nod, gaining the victory via split decision

Former 185lbs champion Chris Weidman(13-3, #5MW) was looking to break a three fight losing streak and potentially save his UFC career as he took on Ultimate Fighter 17 winner Kelvin Gastelum (14-2-1NC, #8MW)

Weidman was able to get a takedown mid-way through the first round and easily transitioned to side-control, and from there tried for a Kimura, however Gastelum defended well and managed to get back to his feet, and in the last fifteen seconds of the round landed a big right straight hand that dropped Weidman against the fence however despite coming close Gastelum couldn’t finish the fight due to the round ending

Showing great recuperation, Weidman not only recovered between rounds but also won the second round via multiple takedowns and from there managed to land numerous ground and pound elbows as Gastelum couldn’t get back to his feet as Weidman dominate the grappling exchanges on the ground

The third round followed the same pattern with Weidman using his wrestling to control the fight, and after securing a takedown he managed to manoeuvre into side-control and from there locked in a head-and-arm triangle to which Gastelum had no choice but to submit, with the tap out coming at 3:46 of the round

By Matthew Singh-Dosanjh