Tonight sees the UFC stage yet another event in Brazil. Staged in the city of Sao Paulo, UFC on FX: Belfort vs. Bisping is full of interesting matchups. We at The Fight Lounge are aware that not all of out readers may be able to watch the event so we are going to provide the next best thing as we bring you play by play and live results.

For those of you that can watch the event you can do so by catching the Facebook prelim from 10:35pm GMT before switching over to UFC.tv to catch the remaining prelims. Registration to UFC.tv is very simple and can be done by the click of a mouse if you have a Facebook account.

The event’s main card can be caught by tuning in to ESPN at 2am GMT.

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The results are as follows:


C.J. Keith vs. Francisco Trinaldo

Round 1 – Marc Goddard gets the action under way. Keith opens with a leg kick. After some fainting Trinaldo throws heavy and engages a clinch against the cage and works for the takedown. After some battling he secures a slam to side control before Keith recovers a half guard Trinaldo works to mount and postures up for some ground and pound. Keith reverses and lands in his guard. Trinaldo begins to work for an armbar which is defended and they stand back up. Trinaldo again takes Keith down and lands in half guard before securing mount at the end of the round. The Fight Lounge scores that 10-9 to Trinaldo.

Round 2 – A big overhand left to open with by Trinaldo. Keith attempts a headkick but Trinaldo clinches and pushes him against the cage before suplexing him onto his head. He locks up an arm triangle choke whilst in half guard and after roughly fifteen seconds Keith submits. WINNER – FRANCISCO TRINALDO BY SUBMISSION (ARM TRIANGLE) AT 1:50


Ildemar Alcantara vs. Wagner Prado

Round 1 – Mario Yamasaki gets us under way. Bothe men come out swinging. Prado is mixing up shots to the head and body and lands two shots to the jaw. Alcantara clinches up against the cage but Prado escapes. Right head kicks by Alcantara then a left one by Prado. Thai clinch and knee by Alcantara. Knee by Alcantara but Prado returns with a hook. Alcantara throws a leg kick but Prado lands a number of heavy hooks. Prado is cut but lands more hooks but Alcantara is doing well to keep him at distance. Some more strikes at distance before getting a takedown into Prado’s guard. Mario Yamasaki stands them back up. Prado finishes the round with more hooks and a big knee which lands after the buzzer. The Fight Lounge score the round 10-9 to Prado.

Round 2 – Prado comes out aggressive and lands some heavy shots to the head. Alcantara gets a takedown but Prado works for a guillotine but Alcantara escapes and works for a darce choke. Prado reverses to half guard and looks to through ground and pound. Prado continues to throw but Alcantara goes for a leg lock. After alternating between techniques he locks in a kneebar and forces the submission. WINNER – ILDEMAR ALCANTARA BY SUBMISSION (KNEEBAR) AT 2:39


Pedro Nobre vs. Yuri Alcantara

Round 1 – Dan Miragliotta gets the fight started. Alcantara opens with a body kick then a flying knee. Nobre lands an illegal groin kick so the fight is halted. The fight restarts and the pair exchange strikes. Alcantara attempts a kimura but Nobre defends however Alcantara takes his back and starts landing ground and pound. After some shots to the back of the head Dan Miragliotta halts the fight. Nobre is prone and in pain on the floor. After consulting with the doctors and a translator the fight is stopped. After a few minutes Nobre is raised up and placed on a stool before being helped back to the locker room. PEDRO NOBRE VS. YURI ALCANTARA IS A NO CONTEST DUE TO AN ACCIDENTAL FOUL AT 2:11


Lucas Martins vs. Edson Barboza 

Round 1- Mario Yamasaki is the referee who gets the fight started. Barboza opens up with a jab then a leg kick before eating one to the body. More leg kicks before a low blow halts the action. The fight restarts with a leg kick by Martins before he is hit with a hard hook. Another body kick from Barboza before landing another big right. Martins looks to land shots of his own but is dropped by a left hand as he tried to rush in. Barboza follows up with some relentless ground and pound before Mario Yamasaki sees Martins tapping to strikes. EDSON BARBOZA BY SUBMISSION (STRIKES) AT 2:38.


Nick Lentz vs. Diego Nunes

Round 1 – Dan Miragliotta takes control of the fight. Nunes opens with a leg kick and Lentz returns the favour before pushing the fight up againt the cage. Lentz works to the back and works for a takedown whilst throwing knees. He gets him down and takes Nunes’ back. Lentz flattend him out and throws some strikes. Nunes gets back to his feet but eats more knees. Again the fight hits the mat and Lentz throws more shots. Lentz moves to mount and lands more shots but Nunes gets back up. Another take down by Lentz and he continues with his assault from Nunes’ back. Nunes gets to his feet but Lentz gets a fourth takedown and finishes the round on top landing shots. The Fight Lounge score that 10-9 to Lentz

Round 2 – Lentz opens the round with a takedown and lands in Nunes’ half guard. From there he begins unloading strikes, mixing up punches and elbows with some knees. Nunes attempts to escape but Lentz prevents him every time. Lentz continues his assault and looks to take his back but Nunes uses this to get back to his feet and escapes. The round ends with Nunes landing his best strikes of the fight. The Fight Lounge score this 10-9 to Lentz.

Round 3 – Nunes lands a hook to begin the round befoe Lentz lands a body kick and attempts a takedown which is defended. Some heavy shots land by Nunes but Lentz gets a takedown but Nunes springs straight back up. Lentz eventually gets a takedown and throws ground and pound from half guard. Nunes gets back to his feet but Lentz takes his back and gets another takedown. Nunes gets up to his feet and gets his back against the cage but Lentz gets a takedown to mount. From mount he throws short hard shots and doesn’t give Nunes room to breathe. Nunes again gets back to his feet and lands a hard knee. He has Lentz hurt and looks to capitalise but Lentz gets yet another takedown at the buzzer. We score this fight 30-27 to Lentz. WINNER – NICK LENTZ BY UNANIMOUS DECISION (30-28, 30-27, 30-26)


Andrew Craig vs. Ronny Markes

Round 1 – Marc Goddard is the referee for this fight and gets us underway. Markes opens up with a straight right. Craig stuns Markes as he comes in and defends the takedown but Markes presses him up against the cage. Markes is looking for a takedown and eventually gets it but Craig pops straight up but has his back taken. Craig gets his back against the cage but is slammed to the mat. Once there he works his way back to the cage and attempts to get up but Markes takes his back, gets his hooks in and works for the choke. Craig throws strikes over his shoulder while defending the choke before rolling into Markes’ guard as the round ends. The Fight Lounge scored this 10-9 to Markes.

Round 2 – Craig opens with a hard leg kick then defends a takedown. Markes tries to rush in but is greeted by a left hook but then secures a takedown. Craig tries to get up but Markes stops him and moves to half guard. Markes isolates an arm and looks for the kimura. He secures the position and moves to side control but Craig defends well and looks to get back to his feet, which he eventually does. The two are at a stalemate up against the cage so are separated. Craig throws a hard head kick and sprawls well to defend the takedown. He stalks Markes looking to strike as the round ends. We score this round 10-9 to Markes.

Round 3 – Markes immediately start the round by clinching against the cage. Markes attempts a double leg takedown but Craig defends. Markes is looking visibly tired and Craig uses it to separate before dropping Markes with a right hand. He follows him down and throws strikes from  side control but Markes survives and recovers half guard. Marked tries to tie Craig up but Craig unloads some more elbows before Markes gets him into his guard. Craig starts to land some shots before standing back up. He attempts a flying knee that misses and Marked clinches against the cage and the fight stays there until the fight ending buzzer sounds. We score this fight 29-28 to Markes.  WINNER – RONNY MARKES BY UNANIMOUS DECISION (29-28, 29-28,29-28)


Godofredo Castro vs. Milton Vieira

Round 1 – Mario Yamasaki gets this fight started. Castro opens up with a leg kick before eating a hard liver kick. Castro comes forward throwing hard shots and hurts his opponent before Vieira gets a takedown. Vieira looks to throw shots but Castro is very active off his back. He gets through with some short shots but Castro looks to set up some submissions. A failed triangle attempt allows Vieira to move to side control and a failed attempt at taking Castro’s back allows him to get back to his feet. An inside leg kick is low by Castro and the fight is halted. The fight is restarted with some wild strikes from Castro before  they clinch against the cage. Vieira gets a takedown and takes Castro’s back on the feet before they split. The fight ends with Vieira looking for a takedown. We score that round 10-9 too Vieira.

Round 2 – Castro opens up with a mixture of strikes but is taken down and Vieira is in his guard. Again Castro is active off his back and throws a lot of elbows before attempting a kimura which allows him to sweep to mount and then take Vieira’s back where he gets a body triangle. He mixes up looking for a choke with some strikes as Vieira looks to defend. Despite Vieira’s best efforts he is unable to escape and finishes the round being hit with a lot of shots. We score that round 10-9 to Castro.

Round 3 – Castro opens the round with a couple of leg kicks and is the aggressor. A leg kick by Vieira is met by some show boating by Castro and Vieira looks to clinch but is shrugged off. Castro lands a straight right but eats one from Vieira in return. Vieira lands a nice combination followed by a jumping knee which makes Castro get the clinch. Vieira attempts a kimura against the cage and uses it to take Castro down and he lands in his guard. Little is done so they are stood up. Vieira ducks a big right hand and gets another takedown while defending a striking combination. Castro is again active of his back and Vieira looks to land some shots. The round ends with both men throwing shots, Vieira from the top and Castro off of his back. We score this fight 29-28 to Milton Vieira. WINNER – GODOFREDO CASTRO BY SPLIT DECISION (29-28, 28-29, 29-28). The Brazilian crowd greet the decision with a chorus of boos.


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Thiago Tavares

Round 1 – Dan Miragliotta oversees the opening bout of the night’s main card. The pair touch gloves and Tavares takes the centre of the octagon. Nurmagomedov fired off with a hard combination but then eats a body kick. Nurmagomedov again lands shots and is the aggressor with the striking. A hard left handed uppercut drops Tavares and then Nurmagomedov pounces, landing a series of unanswered elbows to the temple before Nurmagomedov jumps in to stop the fight. WINNER – KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV BY KNOCKOUT (STRIKES) AT 1:55.


Ben Rothwell vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Round 1 – Marc Goddard takes charge of this heavyweight fight. Rothwell lands with a good one, two before Gonzaga gets a takedown. Rothwell gets back up but is taken down again but pops back up. Gonzaga looks to take his back and lands heavy shots but again Rothwell pops up to his feet. They are separated after a stalemate. Gonzaga tries unsuccessfully to clinch and eats some shots before Rothwell clinches against the cage. Gonzaga lands a series of right hands before failing with a takedown. Rothwell has some success with dirty boxing but ends the round with his back against the cage. The Fight Lounge score this round 10-9 to Gonzaga.

Round 2 – Gonzaga stumbles Rothwell with a right hand to start the round before dropping him with another. He grabs the neck and jumps for a guillotine and forces Rothwell to submit. WINNER – GABRIEL GONZAGA BY SUBMISSION (GUILLOTINE CHOKE) AT 1:01.


C.B. Dollaway vs. Daniel Sarafian

Round 1 – Mario Yamasaki is the referee in charge of the evening’s co-main event. Sarafian comes out fast but takes a number of jabs and a leg kick. Dollaway looks to keep the fight at length and lands a couple left hooks. Sarafian gets inside with a right hand and a left hook. Sarafian is cut and takes a liver kick. Sarafian drops Dollaway with a right hand but Dollaway recovers and looks for a takedown which is defended. Another liver kick by Dollaway and he again rocks Dollaway. Sarafian looks fresh and is constantly moving while throwing heavy shots. Sarafian seems to have found his range and settled more and takes the round 10-9 on our scorecard.

Round 2 – The pair exchange jabs to begin the round. Sarafian attempts a spinning wheel kick, eats a knee then clinches against the cage. They separate and Dollaway looks to utilise the jab which he does well while avoiding strikes. He is clipped again and is almost taken down but defends well. Sarafian jabs to the body and again looks for the overhand right but eats a body kick. Sarafian gets a takedown and lands a head kick when Dollaway gets back up. Dollaway lands a right hand of his own which landed flush. Dollaway lands at distance but Sarafian constantly looks to get inside. He is caught as he attempts a takedown and Dollaway pounces, throwing heavy ground and pound to see the round out. The Fight Lounge scores that round 10-9 to Dollaway.

Round 3 – The pair exchange head kicks before exchanging hard right hands. Both men are visible tired and throw sloppy strikes before a hard right hand by Dollaway gets a takedown and moves to mount. Dollaway takes Sarafian’s back but Sarafian gets back to his feet. Another takedown sees Dollaway take his opponent’s back before regaining the mount. Sarafian gets a sweep and pins Dollaway to the mat. He secured the back mount and looks for the choke but Dollaway reverses the position. Sarafian sweeps but Dollaway attempts another takedown as the buzzer goes. We at The Fight Lounge score this fight 29-28 to C.B. Dollaway. WINNER – C.B. DOLLAWAY BY SPLIT DECISION  (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).


Michael Bisping vs. Vitor Belfort

Round 1 – Both men enter the arena looking incredibly focused and pumped up. After an intense stare down Dan Miragliotta gets the fight underway. Bisping comes out and takes the centre of the octagon and opens with a jab and leg kick. Belfort returns with a body kick then takes a hard leg kick. Belfort throws a head kick but it is blocked. A jumping knee by Belfort is met by a jab from Bisping. Belfort misses with a spinning wheel kick but lands two straight punches. Bisping lands a straight right but then takes an uppercut but responds with a leg kick. Belfort lands to the liver and follows up with a straight left hand. Bisping comes forward with straight punches and blocks most counters however Belfort does land with a head kick and looks to pour it on but Bisping stays composed. We score the round 10-9 to Belfort.

Round 2 – Bisping opens the round with a number of leg kicks. Belfort hand his hands low but is landing on the counter well. Belfort throws a left head kick and it lands flush on the temple sending Bisping to the mat when he proceeds to follow  him to the mat and land a flurry of heavy shots which forces the referee to step in and stop the fight, giving Belfort his first ever UFC win outside of the first round. WINNER – VITOR BELFORT BY TKO (STRIKES) AT 1:27.


We at The Fight Lounge hope you enjoyed tonight’s event and our play by play as well as live results.

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