Valentino Petrescu

Valentino Petrescu takes on Che Mills at Cage Warriors 59 in Cardiff , on 14 September, 2013. The Fight Lounge caught up to see how his preparations were going.

We caught up with Petrescu after a training session in London to see how the preparations for his Cage Warriors debut were going for the Middleweight Clash at the Cardiff Motorpoint Arena in September.

How do you feel about fighting on the main card for Cage Warriors?

I am happy that I am with Cagewarriors at this given time mainly due to the show and fights they can provide for me.

How has training been going, who are you training with and where?

Training for me is always the same hard and intense, I always have my base at Ministry Of Martial Arts in Rayleigh Essex with my head trainers Horia Radulescu and Lee Catling, but I’ve also got some training in at Tsunami, and Team Titan.

How is your weight? Do you have much to cut?

My weight is fine I only have 10kg to lose and that is easy for me.

How do you expect the fight to play out?

…Not sure you can never tell anymore these days that’s why I train for all aspects good and bad in order to come out with the right result.

Will your size and power make a big difference over Mills who usually fights at WW?

I think Mills will be strong guy, technical, and ready for this. Him fighting at WW won’t make a difference he is a fighter and fighters fight at any weight!

Do you have any plans for after the Mills fight?

I’m not sure I don’t look that far ahead anymore. I take things one step at a time now I learned my lessons the hard way! But I am here and I am ready to mix it up with the best!

Can We Get Your Predictions on some of the big UFC title fights that are coming up?

Henderson vs Pettis: Henderson will win by decision
GSP vs Hendricks: GSP is going to sleep by Hendricks.
Dos Santos vs Velasquez: Dos Santos will lose on points again
Anderson vs Weidman: Anderson is gonna KO Weidman

Is there anyone you would like to thank?
I would like to thank Fightlounge for this interview all my team mates and my trainers from Ministry Gym and my sponsors Almighty Fightwear and Klechmouthguards. Cheers

By Chris Owens